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Integrator COO Job Description

Would you be excited to join an established and rapidly growing real estate investment company with established tremendous success by creating massive value for physicians through safe passive income?

Are you interested in being part of a company started by a very successful real estate investor who is also prominent ENT surgeon? He has also created a massive community of physicians and surgeons. They are committed to leading fulfilling lives by providing empathetic care to their patients by providing them with syndication opportunities in commercial multifamily real estate.

Are you passionate about creating systems and processes that will help optimize our operations and the growth of our diversified real estate portfolio and facilitate capital development?

Our ideal Integrator - COO is:

  • Motivational, Innovative, Diplomatic, Ambitious, and Trustworthy
  • Results-oriented: You are skilled at creating a viable plan and identifying the steps to the finish, never fixing something that isn’t broken. You can redirect the attention of both your direct reports and leader to keep everyone moving in the same direction.
  • Strategic: You can view the whole matrix from a bird’s-eye-view and know how to access and analyze the information needed to make calculated data-driven decisions.
  • Reflective: You take time to learn the dynamics of people, recognizing the intangibles in people and systems. You continue to grow professionally and personally by learning from the past for the future. 
  • Dependable: Partnering with the Visionary/CEO, you act as a stop-gap, building the foundational tools and systems that ensure milestones and timelines are met. You know how to use resources when necessary to translate data into a condensed, usable form.
  • Assertive: You have a strong sense of urgency and get results quickly. You display grit and confidence and are always willing to stand up for what is right while also being patient enough to wait for others to respond.

Sounds like you? Our culture values people with integrity who enjoy challenging conversations with team leaders that produce processes and results on how to get things done. We’re not egotistical, but we’re competitive and we strive to win and exceed expectations. You’ll fit in if you have an enterprising spirit, are meticulous and detail-oriented in everything you do, have startup mentality, and are willing to get your hands dirty. We’re a place where feedback is encouraged and valued and we actively promote a work-life balance, taking pride in our family-oriented environment.


The job responsibilities of the Integrator - COO include, but are not limited to:​

  • Work directly with the Visionary to evaluate core vision and new ideas to provide value to our physician and surgeon clients through real estate
  • Work with our educationally-based marketing team to provide content and grow our email list through social media and personal references
  • Lead, manage, and implement accountability structure throughout the company using the EOS® systems and processes already at work in the company and prepare us to scale our real estate operations
  • Evaluate the marketplace, and ideal members, consistently and proactively address marketing needs, and create strategies for success by utilizing available data.
  • Own the budgets and tracking of our company metrics and statistics – having a high-level understanding of the numbers and knowing where to get more information
  • Coordinate efforts between different parts of our business
  • Facilitate Level 10s, one-on-ones, quarterly, and annual meetings
  • Review, reevaluate, and consistently implement internal processes and operations
  • Remove barriers and obstacles and problem-solve
  • Random bullet – Please include “Integrity” in the subject line of your reply 
  • Spearhead Leadership, Management, and Accountability for Marketing, Operations, Finance, Sales
  • Responsible for hiring, training, and managing direct reports
  • Execute 1 year, 3-year, and 10-year goals according to the Visionary 


  • 5+ years experience in a leadership role
  • Experience in an operations leadership role
  • Experience in managing workforce
  • 7+ years experience in a leadership role
  • Experience in a sales and/or marketing leadership role
  • Experience working on large marketing events
  • 4-year degree
  • Relationship management experience
  • EOS® experience

The Integrator – COO can live anywhere, but prefer easy access to the Louisville, KY area. Remote work with some office visits as needed is possible during the current situation. Must be willing to travel if needed.

About The Apta Brand

Apta Properties is a co-GP in a large multifamily syndication fund with 37th Parallel Properties. Together, our team has successfully acquired and managed $800 M worth of multifamily assets that have been profitable every quarter through the 2008 financial crisis, the debt crisis, and the pandemic. As a company led by Vasu Kakarlapudi M.D., a financially free ENT Surgeon and an MBA in Entrepreneurship with over 16 years of real estate investing experience, we aim to relate to our ideal peer client, a busy practitioner who desires freedom and fulfillment in their lives, empowering them to treat their patients with empathy due to their financial freedom.

Apta Management provides operational, financial, and property management services for multiple retail centers and medical offices that are owned by the principals of Apta. These assets provide value to our local communities, businesses, and economies, all of which are of sincere importance and pride to our organization. Please email a cover letter with an explanation of how you could support our vision and your resume to: Heather Estes [email protected]