Meticulousness and Preciseness

Meticulousness and Preciseness​: ENT surgery and Apta Properties share two things in common; meticulousness and preciseness, which are the core of our strategy to ensure the best for you. We focus on creating wealth and financial freedom for physicians, surgeons, and healthcare professionals who are exhausted from trading their time for money. We aim to bring back the drive, enthusiasm, and passion for treating and helping patients by establishing a secure future and passive income for hardworking physicians while taking the hunger for a monthly paycheck out of the equation.

Founded by an ENT surgeon, we apply the same meticulousness, preciseness, and evidence-based research particular to healthcare practice and surgery to our investments in order to create consistent results that generate stable passive income.

Real Estate Acquisition

We do thorough research and invest in the best markets in the US. We research with our blood, sweat, and tears to find the right properties, so our community of investors can relax and rest assured that their investments are secure. We  invest our hard-earned money into the properties so our external investors can leverage our painstaking market research, invest and get predictable returns.

To protect our communities and investments from potential recession, we focus on large-scale multifamily assets that house families around the median household income. Using statistical and economic evidence, we extrapolate the markets with the most diversified economies with strong job and income growth. More than economic trends, we take advantage of demographic trends which are long-term less volatile cycles, leading to more stable and consistent higher returns than the stock market.


Deal Flow

We have a solid reputation in real estate investment, and this has given us vast knowledge and relationships to find awesome investment deals. This has also helped us have access to multifamily commercial property brokers and lenders who routinely bring us off-market deals to evaluate. Utilizing our refined analytics, we screen out as much risk as possible. We continually update our infrastructure to analyze the most promising deals in the top 15 markets in the US.

Tax Reduction

We leverage our expertise to bring investors a more tax-advantaged investment portfolio. Since healthcare professionals are overwhelmed with taxes and volatility in most alternative investment options, our safe investments come with stability, consistent passive income, and peace of mind.

Asset Management

We use AI-powered analytics to optimize the value of the assets we acquire. We are highly selective of the property managers we bring on as partners in maintaining the quality of our assets, improving the quality of life of our tenants, and elevating the community in which we work. Our highly-rated property managers meticulously adhere to our values and share our core purpose of facilitating passive income and financial freedom for healthcare professionals so they can practice solely for passion and the joy of their craft and not just to support their families.