How To Scale Commercial Real Estate

Learn how to create a passive income stream and achieve financial freedom with Vasu Kakarlapudi, M.D. He is a board-certified ENT surgeon and a successful real estate investor. In this episode, he tells us how he uses a meticulous and methodical approach both to surgery and real estate. He also discusses how he and his team at Apta Properties were able to build a track record of over $700 million worth of multifamily investments. With over 16 years of experience in investing, managing, and developing successful commercial real estate, Vasu is passionate about helping fellow medical professionals and high-wage earners make their money work for them.

The CashFlow Ninja Meets The CashFlow Ninja

This Cashflow Ninja episode features Vasu Kakarlapudi M.D.— an entrepreneur who is a successful ENT doctor and an advocate of personal growth and financial freedom. His passion to pay his knowledge and experience forward led to the formation of Apta Properties, whose mission is to extend those passive income opportunities in commercial multi-family acquisitions to professionals who are looking to create more personal and financial freedom.

How to Make Your Money Work for You with Vasu Kakarlapudi, MD

With taxes pitted against you, it’s time to stop trading your hours for dollars and start making money work for you! Vasu Kakarlapudi, MD was born in India, raised in Kansas City, and used his academic excellence to gain admission to an accelerated 6 year BA / MD program at the University of Missouri. He trained as an Ear, Nose, Throat, Head & Neck Surgeon and since has had a passion for bringing colleagues together. Dr. Vasu used his entrepreneurial skills as a founding board member of 50 plus physician-owned hospitals and also to create real estate opportunities for his partners through the development of multiple medical offices. In over 15 years of real estate investing, he has been successful in growing his passive income and net worth in retail, medical office, senior care, and multifamily. It is that passion to pay his knowledge and experience forward as Managing Partner of Apta Properties.

Practicing Medicine While Investing in Multifamily with Dr. Vasu Kakarlapudi

Nothing can stop us from pursuing our real estate goals and dreams if we are driven by a strong desire to do so. Listen in as guest Dr. Vasu Kakarlapudi tells his story of achieving success in multifamily investing while maintaining his medical practice.

Limitless Potential: Expansion Through Diversified Commercial Real Estate Investing and the Case for Multifamily

Dr. Vasu Kakarlapudi is an entrepreneur who specializes in ear, nose, throat, head & neck surgery, commercial real estate and personal growth. Dr. Kakarlapudi is board certified in adult and pediatric otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery by the American Board of Otolaryngology. In 2013, Dr. Kakarlapudi successfully passed his Board Recertification as recommended by the American Academy of Otolaryngology.


Panel: Our Paths to Financial Freedom​

Seven Simple Steps to Surgery and Real Estate Success with Vasu Kakarlapudi


Apta Properties and 37th Parallel Properties Close on 240 Unit Asset in Atlanta, GA

37th Parallel Properties (“37th Parallel”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Parkside Vista, a 240-unit, 2007-built multifamily asset located in Atlanta, GA on behalf of their investors and joint venture partner, Apta Properties. With this acquisition, 37th Parallel has acquired over 500 units representing over $100 million in value in the Atlanta MSA in the last twelve months.


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